Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa - Chef


Tenacity, humility, but above all passion. These are the values, ideals that have animated and characterized the professional growth of Peppe Guide, chef patron of Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa.
Quadro Nonna Rosa

At the end of secondary school studies, despite the prospects of certain career safe and serene, Peppe felt within himself the need to take the difficult but fascinating way in the field of catering. He therefore decides to spring everything and live experiences in various hotels and restaurants in the happy triangle Positano-Capri-Sorrento.

In 1990, driven by a burning spirit of enterprise and curiosity ( which still continue today between his kitchen stoves), he moved for a year in a major structure the “Hamilton Bermuda” where he significantly enriches his professional baggage, without ever losing sight of his origins.And in fact here he improvised cooking serving to the guests of a tourist village very simple but traditional dishes such as pasta and beans, strictly “cooked the day before.”

Result, a great success thatencourages him to go forward. Therefore he decides to go back to Italy and he works permanently in The Riverside Restaurant, Le Sirenuse of Positano where further sharpens his skills in preparing various dishes

And so in 1994, driven by the first successes and awards and supported by his family, Peppe decided to risk and opens in the courtyard of the old family’s eighteenth home his own restaurant “Osteria” named “Grandmother Rose”: Peppe’s mother’s name ( so known as nanny Rosa) the great supporter of each single of his career choices.

At he beginning the place is known as the local pizzeria and as a takeaway restaurant too, ” for many years a pending license for catering”. great effort, difficulties, uncertainties, but thanks to Pepp’s ambition he soon transforms the Osteria in a corner of good taste, where skillfully blend elegance and rusticity, attracting gourmet customers from the Campania region and not only.

Many sacrifices and a constant growth marked by major awards on several guides in the sector lead the Osteria to the recent conquest of the prestigious Star of the Michelin Guide, it’s the crowning of a career devoted to cooking, experience, research and constant imperative of QUALITY!